Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Promoting Tourism in Baalbeck

 On May 4th 2013, Youth and CSO participants at the “Get connected project, Baalbeck branch” organized a meeting with the Mufti of Baalbeck, mucktars, NGOs, local and touristic figures. The meeting aimed at identifying ways of pressuring the municipality of Baalbeck and the Ministry of Tourism to adopt a comprehensive plan for promoting tourism in Baalbeck. 
They also highlighted the inefficiency of the committee of tourism at the municipality of Baalbeck in such a crucial moment especially that preparations for Baalbeck festivals are underway and tourism season in Baalbeck is about to start. Ex-members of the committee asserted that the committee is no longer organizing meetings and no tourism plan is yet available. They all recommended contacting and mobilizing more key figures to engage them in the initiative of pressuring the municipality. They also assigned the date of the next meeting on May 16th, 2013 to draft clear and tangible recommendations to submit to the municipality of Baalbeck and the ministry of Tourism.

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