Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Activating Tourism

As part of “Keep Your Eyes On Baalbeck” campaign- Get Connected project, the Lebanese Organization of Studies & Training in collaboration with PACE organized a meeting with the municipality members , mucktars, NGOs, local and touristic figures at Baytna Restaurant – Baalbeck. The meeting taking placeon June 15, 2013 aimed at setting up the final recommendations to be presented to Baalbeck municipality in an attempt to promote tourism in the city.

The conferees discussed the touristic status in the city since all statistics indicated a big recession in the touristic movement due to the unstable security situation in Lebanon in general and specifically in Baalbeck. The attendees agreed to visit the security and political officials in Baalbeck- Hermel region and the Head of Baalbeck municipality to discuss the issue and call for more safety and security in the city.

They also finalized clear and tangible recommendations to be submitted to the municipality including the following:

•    Combating begging.
•    Seeking to get the privileges granted to touristic cities (Electricity, touristic police).
•    Improving infrastructure.
•    Organizing local festivals.
•    Training tourist guides.
•    Establishing a touristic information office/a hotline to receive all complaints.
•   Activating the touristic committee in the municipality and organizing media campaigns to promote the cultural and touristic activities in the City.

The Lebanese Organization of Studies & Training is going ahead in this activity and all related activities despite the worsened security situation in Baalbeck since LOST believes in its responsibility to foster and develop Baalbeck- Hermel region at all levels even in exceptional circumstances.

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