Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Housewives in Baalbeck Get Guidance on Their Rights

As part of the “Rights of Housewives” project funded by the World Bank, The Lebanese Organization of Studies & Training organized a seminar entitled “the wife’s rights”. The workshop was delivered at LOST headquarter- Baalbeck on March 30th, 2013 by Mr. Mohammad Debs, a lawyer specialized in civil courts; More than 50 women attended.

Mr. Debs defined the “wife” as an individual equal to man. He highlighted the rights of wives mentioned in both religious courts- Sunni and Shiite and identified the similarities and discrepancies between them.

The seminar was followed by Q&A from the audience who presented their personal cases and benefit from the lecturer’s expertise to explore solutions. All participants were invited at the end to a cocktail.

It is worth noting that this workshop is one of several seminars that will be conducted by LOST in Baalbeck- Hermel region in an attempt to raise the awareness of housewives on their rights and to extend women’s role in the dialogue as well as in debate.

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