Wednesday, July 25, 2012

LOST Backs Productive Sectors

As part of the “Community Project”, the students of the “Academy of Youth 7” at LOST-Baalbeck branch in collaboration with the “Lebanese Association for Breeding & Marketing bee products in Baalbeck” distributed 150 tablets of wax to 150 beekeepers in Baalbeck- Hermel region.

Mr. Salah Zaiter, the training director of this project, delivered a speech in which he affirmed that such project aims at supporting the productive sectors in Baalbeck- Hermel and enhancing the cooperation and networking among the civil society organizations.

Mr. Zaiter added that the “Community Project” started through several meetings held by the youth with the representatives of the Lebanese Association for Breeding & Marketing bee products during which they discussed the various needs of beekeepers and the different ways of strengthening this vital and productive sector. So that, the youth understood the essential role of this sector and the importance of their initiative in supporting the beekeepers and helping them to get their rights.

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