Monday, May 16, 2011

Zahi Wehbe in Baalbeck

 The Academy of Youth & Municipal Work at LOST organized a poetry evening for the Lebanese poet and writer Zahi Wehbe at LYN in Baalbeck. Several social, political and academic figures attended the event with massive participation of youth and their parents.
After the Lebanese Anthem, Mr. Omar Bayyan from LOST welcomed the audience and explained the role of the Academy in developing youth skills and talents and giving them better opportunities to meet famous people in Lebanon.
In his turn, the Lebanese poet and writer Mr. Zahi Wehbe presented a package of his featured poems, patriotic and love poems. Mr. Wehbe thanked LOST for her nice gesture and expressed his happiness for being in Baalbeck.

Moreover, Abbas Asaad, a youth member of the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work talked about the importance of this academy in strengthening the social bonds among youth. “The Academy of Youth and Municipal Work has a special flavor. It helps us accept friends from other sects and makes us understand positively the confessional diversity of our country,” said Abbas.
At the end, Dr. Ramy Lakkis, the founder of LOST handed an honoring shield to the Lebanese poet Mr. Zahi Wehbe.

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