Monday, May 23, 2011

“Run for Lebanon”: the Biggest Youth Race in Baalbeck

As part of the “Academy of Youth and Municipal Work” program, LOST organized a youth race on May 13, 2011 in Baalbeck, the City of the Sun with remarkable presence of political, social and academic figures.
More than 1700 students from almost every high school in Baalbeck-Hermel participated in this event in addition to runners from the Lebanese Army, ISF, and several sports clubs.

 The race was a new breaking record in term of participation, and it was creative and civic oriented in the banners and slogans raised; “balanced development”, “the respect of human rights” and “living together” were the slogans lifted by the participants. The race kicked off at 8 am from the Maronite National School and ended at Ras El Ein Street. 

Young runners were competing in a joyful environment; music was filling the air in Ras El Ein, the biggest green Park in Baalbeck. “If we run for Lebanon we are all winners” said a young girl participating in the race.
After hours of singing and dancing with the singer Rony Kasar and Hayakel Baalbeck group, Dr. Ali Abdallah, the Minister of Youth and Dr. Rami Lakkis, the founder of LOST offered medals and cups to the winners.

The winners are:

Intermediate Cycle:

  • Males:
  1. Ali Naser El Din
  2. Hussein Ayoub
  3. Ahmad Chabchoul
  • Females:
  1. Aline Mahdi
  2. Ayda Jaafar
  3. Lara Zein
Secondary Cycle:
  • Males:
  1. Ali Makhour
  2. Yousef Raad
  3. Mohammad Houry
  • Females:
  1. Hala Zaiter
  2. Batoul Sleiman
  3. Hala Faytarouni
Free runners:
  1. Hanna Abu Farhat “ISF”
  2. Ali Yazbeck “veteran runners”
  3. Bilal Bayan “Lebanese customs”
Above eighteen:
  1.  Hoda Raad
  2. Joumana Alame

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