Tuesday, January 11, 2011

“Learn by Visit”: Youth Municipalities of LOST visited 3 municipalities in Lebanon

As part of the program “Academy of Youth and Municipal Work” three visits were conducted by youth from three different Youth Municipalities in Hermel, Fakeha and Baalbeck in December 2010 and January 2011. The purposes of the visits were 1) to engage youth from Baalbeck-Hermel in municipal affairs outside their villages in order to help them know and learn more about successful municipal work and projects, 2) to help youth visit different places in Lebanon in order to understand positively the confessional diversity of their country.

The Youth Municipality of Hermel headed by the director of El Hermel Branch, Mr. Hasan Taha visited the municipality of Zahle where they met the mayor Mr. Joseph Maalouf .The youth discussed with Mr. Maalouf different issues focusing on the role of municipalities in promoting local development. After the meeting the Youth Municipality visited Joseph Skaff Park, the municipal library and the tour ended by a lunch in Anjar.

The Youth Municipality of Fakeha chaired by Mr. Abbas Hajj Hussein, the director of Al Ain Branch visited the municipality of Rashaya and met the mayor General Marwan Zaky on 28 December at 9 am.  After accepting the purpose of the visit, the Mayor estimated the essential role of LOST in educating youth on national values and in helping them to become Lebanese active citizens. Mr. Marwan Zaky explained to youth the role of the municipality in building a stable community on the basis of “equality, justice and tolerance”.

On January 7, youth from the Academy in Baalbeck visited the municipality of Tyre. They were welcomed by the Mayor Mr. Hasan Dbouk. After discussing the various municipal affairs with the municipal members, the youth toured in Tyre and discovered the archaeological sites and the waterfront of the city.
These visits had a special taste. They helped youth to learn about the importance of municipal work by discovering successful experiences and meeting peoples who had real success in the field. Moreover, the discussions made allowed youth to understand more about the powers and authorities of municipalities in managing community affairs. 

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