Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Launching the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work for 2011

Under the auspices of Dr. Ali Abdallah, the Minister of Youth and Sport, LOST launched the “Academy of Youth and Municipal Work” for the first season of the year 2011 on January 15, 2011 at Tammouz Hall- Baalbeck. Several political, social and municipal figures attended the event with massive participation of youth and their parents in addition to remarkable presence of many Mukhtars and CSO representatives.
Dr. Ramy Lakkis announced the new programs offered by the Academy for the year 2011, and explained the importance of conducting such programs in Baalbeck-Hermel. In his speech, Dr. Lakkis affirmed that through these programs LOST aims at engaging youth and helping them to become active citizens capable of participating energetically in public life. “These programs, he added, have new methodological approaches that involve youth in instigating positive change in society.”
Dr. Lakkis added that the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work is part of LOST’s strategy in 1) helping people to participate in the development of their society, 2) in demanding national governmental institutions to perform their roles in solving various problems of a deprived region such as Baalbeck-Hermel, and 3) in cooperating with international donors in order to implement new developmental projects at grass-root levels.
At the end, Dr. Lakkis presented the general programs of LOST for the first season of 2011 which includes: women’s empowerment courses, English and computer training courses for youth and teachers, in addition to several social and developmental activities.
Dr. Lakkis’ speech was followed with a speech by the Minister of Youth and Sport Dr. Ali Abdallah who stressed on the role of LOST in developing the skills of youth in different domains. Dr. Abdallah thanked LOST for her generous efforts and hoped that “all the Lebanese ministries and institutions work in the same spirit.”
In his turn, the Kaemakam of Baalbeck Mr. Omar Yasin said that LOST goes ahead in its national course. He added “LOST launches today the project of the Academy of Municipal Work due to the significance of the municipal works in developing local societies”, and he hoped that the Academy can maintain itself as a long term project.
At the end, Dr. Abdullah, Mr.  Yasin and Dr Lakkis  handed “Thank You” letters to the journalists of Baalbeck-Hermel for their efforts in servicing their society.

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