Monday, December 6, 2010

Celebrating Independence at LOST- Hermel

LOST celebrated Independence on December 4 at El Hermel branch with massive participation of youth from the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work. More than 450 people attended; several academic, political, social and municipal figures were invited. The exhibition included graphics, handicrafts and poems created by students which reflected various meanings of independence. Coordinators and students of the Academy were very enthusiastic.
“Here, I felt that independence is a national day. This exhibition reflects our sincere patriotism”, confirmed Iman El Rashini from El Kasar High School.
“Celebrating Independence with LOST gave this day inmost meaning. I found out that the more we work together the better we become. We shared and exchanged the various meanings of independence through different ways (poems, handicrafts) in this exhibition”, said Nour El Nemr from El Hermel High School.  Youth in this event tried to prove how much they love Lebanon through this special activity.  Mohammad El Makhour, a youth club member said “ I am proud to be a member of the academy. This academy helps us to become Lebanese active citizens. This is the first time that we celebrate independence  in Hermel.”
This ceremony ended by distributing flowers and Lebanese flags to all participants.

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