Tuesday, December 28, 2010

150 Youth celebrate Human Rights Day together

LOST organized a special ceremony on the International Day of Human Rights at El Hermel Branch in the presence of several social, political and municipal figures in addition to more than 150 students from the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work.
The exhibition included graphics, handicrafts and plays created by students which reflected their various expressions of human rights principles.
“It is the first time that we celebrate the International Day of Human Rights”, was a statement repeated by many students of the Academy.

Mr. Shemran El Rashiny from LOST delivered a speech in which he emphasized the role of the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work in spreading the culture of peace in the region and in helping all youth to become Lebanese active citizens.
In his turn, General Dr. Abbas Nasrallah said that human rights are the basis of laws in all countries. These rights represent a turning point in the dignity of human being and his/her personal liberties.
At the end, students showed different graphics and handicrafts prepared for the occasion. “It was an event of special taste in Hermel.”

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