Monday, February 24, 2014

Peace Colors Your Life

 Over 120 students of the Conflict Resolution Academy recently organized a grand campaign for painting peace through murals on public walls, which reflected their attempt to mirror what they have learned to society. The campaign took place in Baalbeck, Al-Ain, Labweh, El-Hermel, Sahlat lmay, Bednayeel and Tamnin El-Tahta.

The Academy students insisted on painting slogans like “No War Any More”, “Keep Calm and Live in Peace” and “We Want to live in Peace” on the most notable public walls acknowledging the importance of their role in delivering the message of “Peace Building”. This project was an open invitation for society to forgive and live. The students preached tolerance, acceptance and peace through the murals they painted, asking for unity to exorcist the demons of war. The community proved to be very fascinated by the message with many admirers stating satisfaction and encouragement to the students.

LOST’s “Conflict Resolution Academy”, supported by the Canadian Embassy is a “reach out for peace project”, One of many LOST has done over the years as part of their strategy to reintroduce peace to a society torn apart by wars. Youth can be the portal to change; they just need the programs that get them on the right track.

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