Thursday, November 15, 2012

Get Connected: A new project with PACE

In addition to the tens of projects conducted by LOST since 2005, a new project will be added to the list of success. “Get Connected” funded by PACE , will be implemented over an eleven - month period in Baalbeck, Ein, Beit Shema and Hermel starting in November  2012 and ending in July 2013.

As the Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training  is one of the most prominent independent CSOs in the region, with wide grassroots reach through four centers, LOST will build on its prior experience  to implement the project in four communities in an attempt to empower youth and civic activists to use social media for advocacy, enable local CSOs to make more strategic use of multiple media platforms to advance their causes, foster networking among independent civic actors working on issues of common interest, and promote citizen journalism to widen the space for independent dialogue.

It is noteworthy that LOST has managed multiple donor- funded programs, including several initiatives in community transformation, youth leadership, and civic engagement in collaboration with a variety of community- based organizations active in the region.

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