Saturday, September 1, 2012

LOST Celebrates the Conclusion of the “Academy of Youth 7”

“The Academy of Youth 7” has successfully concluded its project with a festivity celebrating the success of its program at Tammouz Hall- Baalbeck on June 28, 2012 in the presence of several political, social and academic figures.

After the Lebanese Anthem, Mr. Hussein Yazbeck from LOST opened the program with a keynote address recognizing the achievement of youth in the program and highlighting the activities of LOST in Baalbeck- Hermel region.

Following the keynote address, Mr. Walid Rifai from LOST delivered a speech in which he affirmed that such kind of projects aims at providing youth with civic and IT education and training in order to allow them to advocate issues of concern for their community and to prove themselves capable of participating in the development of their region.

“Students of the Academy benefit from several training and workshops on  Conflict Resolution, Civic Participation, Citizenship and Peace in addition to English and social media courses” added Mr. Rifai.

The event ended by distributing certificates to the Academy participants in addition to certificates of appreciation distributed to the schools’ principals participating in the event.

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