Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Youth are visiting municipalities in Baalbeck- Hermel

As part of the “Academy of Youth 7”, youth municipalities of Hermel and Beit-Shama visited the actual municipalities of Hermel, El Kasr and Beit-Shama.

These visits aim at engaging youth in municipal affairs to help them know and learn more about successful municipal work and projects. Youth met the different mayors of the listed municipalities and discussed with them the role of their municipalities set in the Lebanese law in addition to their essential responsibility in promoting local development and building stable communities on the basis of “equality, justice and tolerance.”
The municipalities’ representatives informed youth groups about the obstacles they faced in performing their duties. They indicated that there are members in the municipal council who don’t have the sufficient knowledge about the municipalities’ duties and missions, so that they need training courses on law, administrative and financial affairs. Such courses can help the municipalities to be more active in their communities and to well perform their duties.

These visits had a special flavor. They helped youth to know more about the importance of municipal work and to understand more about the powers and authorities of municipalities in managing community affairs wishing to engage youth since early age in public affairs.

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