Saturday, July 2, 2011

Poetry Evening at LOST- Ein

The Academy of Youth and Municipal Work at LOST-Ein branch organized a poetry evening for the Lebanese Poet Mr. Hany Soukarieh with massive participation of political, social and academic figures.
After the Lebanese Anthem, Mr. Hussein El Mawla from LOST welcomed the audience and explained the role of the Academy in developing youth talents.
In his turn, the Lebanese poet Mr. Hany Soukarieh presented a bouquet of his most beautiful poems.
Moreover, Nibal Harba from Ein Youth Club talked about the “hosting program” organized by LOST as part of the “Academy of Youth and Municipal Work” program. She stressed on the importance of such program in breaking ice and reducing sectarian divide among youth from different sects.
“Such activity had a deep impact on us since it helped us to accept our friends and partners from other sects”, added Nibal Harba.
The poetry evening ended by offering a honoring shield to the Lebanese Poet Mr. Hany Soukarieh.

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