Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Youth are planting trees in Baalbeck

As part of the “Academy of Youth and Municipal Work“ program that LOST is conducting for the academic year 2010-2011 in the region of Baalbeck-Hermel, the Youth Municipalities of Baalbeck, Chmestar, El Fakha  and El Hermel  launched a forestation  campaign in Baalbeck on Saturday 19 February 2011.

Youth from the Academy of Baalbeck decided to launch the campaign in the campus of the Lebanese University-Faculty of Science in Baalbeck with a massive participation of youth from the Lebanese University, youth clubs and the Youth Municipality of Baalbeck. While a group of youth was planting trees in Baalbeck other group was planting in Iaat in collaboration with the municipality of Iaat. More than 75 trees were planted in the same day by more than fifty members of the Academy and their friends.
Such campaign aims at achieving environmental benefits and consolidating youth belonging to their country. “The involvement of youth in public work and their participation in such activities reinforce their patriotism and strengthen their relationship with the community” added Omar Bayan, a youth coordinator in Baalbeck.

Youth participating in the campaign carried different messages and believed that the event was more than planting trees. “I am here today to participate in protecting the environment and I work with other friends in the Academy to strengthen the spirit of cooperation and partnership among youth from different sects,” said Mohamad Othman a young member of the Academy of Municipal Work.
“We found out that the more we work together, the better we serve our community” was a statement repeated by many students of the Academy.

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